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Shi-chan/Syaoran no Miko/Gowwayyou'rescaringme
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shuns: Britney and most bubblegum pop, most teen bands, most female fashions, oversparkly shoujo stuffs, physics, flying bugs
Houshin Engi, Gravitation, Gensoumaden Saiyuuki, Slam Dunk, Shadow Skill, CCS, Trigun, Jinroh, Akira, Lodoss Wars, Gatekeepers
manga: G-Defend, Jinjyu Houretsuden, Yami no Matsuei, Koori no Mamono no Monogatari, Star Ocean, Evangelion, Clover, Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi e, Petshop of Horrors, Ayatsuri Sakon
mangaka: Minekura Kazuya, Morimoto Shuw, Matsushita Yohko
2-D men: Rukawa Kaede, Nishiwaki Tatsumi, Xiang Lin, Sakuragi Hanamichi, Ashton Anchors, Mitsui Hisashi, Nakano Hiroshi, Yuki Eiri, Dias Flac, Dias Ragu, Kiminobu Kogure, Sendoh Akira, Sven Jiordson, Sirius Black, Gerald Tarrant
2-D women:
Ashiya Mizuki, Elle Ragu, Kusakabe Maron, Deedlit, Daidouji Tomoyo, Katsuragi Misato, Ayanami Rei, Na Sha, Tsujimoto Natsumi, Kasumi Karen, Sally Po, Hermione Granger, Lyra Belacqua
music: Gackt Camui, Savage Garden,Lighthouse Family, October Project, Metallica, Duran Duran, Nirvana, The Cranberries, Travis, Linkin Park, U2, Radiohead, Enya, Yaida Hitomi, The Wallflowers, Hirai Ken, Kotani Kinya, Nelly, Porno Graffiti, REM, Jewel, Matchbox 20, just about anything else from retro to classical that catches my fancy.
colour: Most soft or dark shades. Pink and neon are always out.
languages: English, Chinese,basic rudiments of Japanese and Hokkien.
Ecchi. Ecchi. Ecchi. Often ubergloopy and sentimental with close pals. Neurotic. Laughs in C major scale fashion. Tactile. (hug me XD)


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details of the half-naked pretty upstairs XD
Sexycool Kubota Makoto from Wild Adapter by Minekura Kazuya, full of drugs and guns and bishies. I'm turning into a Kazuya-sensei sl0re, you still wondering why? The foot sticking out oddly would prolly belong to his yummy partner Minoru Tokitoh, whom you can see here. (Kubo wears specs)

Yes, this blog's name *is* stolen from REM's song classic of the same title. It was selected because a) I heart REM much, and b) in recent times I've been finding myself sleeping, or wanting to sleep, anyway, in the daytime. >p Prrt me for health-trampling.


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Tomato Juice Exploding Vash. This amuses me a lot, it really does.
rukki the rookie. so slap me, i LIKE puns.i so don't wanna know why he has a dog, but that's sendoh for you. XDo-re wa! TE-N-SAI! TE-N-SAI! ba!su!ke!tto! ma-n~~~ *chuckle*
Fred Weasley ^^and George Weasley! XD twincest good~ *snicker* Vash and Wolf, made-to-size bed included. TsuHi chibis! Like you can't tell who my fave Yami couple is. <3thank you so much Kaori~!
Koala March! *chomp* Quatre has a teacup. Count D has a teacup. I too shall have a teacup. *sip* Volvic Mineral Water - yay hydrogen and oxygen! I like instant food. I eat too much instant food. I've never been able to care. Apple Qoo niiiice. *_* (not sold here yet *shiku*)kitty bread! XD hyuk.


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~ saturday, february 23, 2002 ~

If anyone needs me: check my lj. Once March rolls around I might see about scrapping pitas and moving everything. Either that or beg someone for domain space. We'll see what works. 

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dreaming circles round the moon...

~ sunday, february 17, 2002 ~

Aniki, I love you.

And *you* need a squish. Squish.

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dreaming circles round the moon...

~ sunday, february 17, 2002 ~


I'm being succint. Whee.

maybe I can sleep tonight, but it isn't likely.

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dreaming circles round the moon...

~ wednesday, february 13, 2002 ~


So my whole afternoon and evening was good, because Kaasan and I went to Third Aunt's house and I ficced oodles of MitKo on her PC, but now...amazing how someone you love can turn your feelings inside out and upside down the way the way you wash clothes.

I had intended to get that CD rack downstairs fixed up, but it looks like I'll have to be holed up in Aniki's room with this laptop until the door's unlocked. Kaasan stepped in the door and hared out back to Third Aunt's house, but I have to pack for school tomorrow so I didn't. Shit, my arm hurts - I wonder if this constitutes child abuse, although technically I'm already 16.

I'm really not dysfunctional - I'm a perfectly normal kid with a normal life and a normal family. Normal enough. Heck, I love my parents. Nobody give me crap about how dozens of other kids get beaten up on a regular basis or were sexually abused by their parents, ok? I've never faced that before. And maybe that's what I'm a little mad at - that now I'm mature enough *not* to become a delinquent just because my parents are jacking shit into all the family's lives, because I recognise that they have their own emotions and problems and a life outside caring for me. I will deal with whatever happens, be it divorce or abuse or anything because that's the only thing to do. I don't have an excuse to weep and smoke pot no matter what happens. So I was pissed stupid on the last entry - I can smell the cigarettes he's going through below, and I *know* he hurts too. But there's nothing I can do because he won't let me say anything, like with so many Asian dads I don't have any right to say anything cos I'm his kid and a girl, more so. It's times like these I envy friends who have fathers they can talk to so fiercely.

It's a little scary, the power you can wield with love. And vice versa. Even after more than 3 decades - you'd think that was enough time to work things out, but that's what you get in traditional Chinese marriages, maybe. I love you therefore I hurt you, I love you therefore I make you cry and flee from me, but this isn't Zetsuai or AnSanc or any other fucked-up manga. It's my _family_, and perhaps a testimony to how much I still have to grow up.

I wish Niichan or Aniki was home. I wish I could call Gwynne or Nat or Surf - I wish Sakki-neechama or any other of my kyoudai lived within calling distance, actually. I wish I had my Cal bear with me. Feck, I even wish I could study, but my books are downstairs.

'Least Aniki has a springy bed.    

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dreaming circles round the moon...